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Reflections from the Pastor “C” Corner
  Pastor C. Waters
Title:  “Set-backs:  A Different Perspective


Nuggets Gleaned in Kingdom communion and fellowship 


In life, we will all experience at one time or another a “Setback”. Setbacks can assist us or paralyze us to the point of inhibiting forward movement or momentum. However, we have the ability to choose how “setbacks” will be viewed and/or handled within our individual lives and circumstances. During my private Kingdom devotion, I received a new perspective on “Setbacks”. My prayer is that it will assist you as you experience something deemed to be a “Setback” in your own life.


Setback – something holding you back or inhibiting and/or delaying progress that should have been made already.

Sit-ups – inertia used and stored both forward and backward to accomplish 1 complete cycle.


Set-ups – unknown positioning in an elevated place greater than expected or deserved from seemingly insignificant, hard, difficult, frustrating, unwanted and undesirable previous outcomes that have taken place in a persons life.


As people walking in purpose with various life experiences, we must begin to look at every setback with a new set of lenses. This new look will assist us to see with greater clarity and hope than previously. Expect your set-backs to propel you to sit-up and experience your next set-up for the BIG outcome of favor that is at work in your life NOW.

Setbacks are opportunities for Sit-ups to propel us forward into greater Set- ups yielding mega outcomes in our lives.” (’14)


Pastor C