nPastor C's Spotlight Corner - Bridge Builders


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As Kingdom Citizens, it is pertinent that we learn how to develop patterns that will produce a changed life. As we enter into 2017, we are determined at Bridge Builders Christian Center to be guided by the Kingdom’s mandate and Covenant Code of Honor.  We are determined to live out our purpose and assignment by”Living A Life of Honor”.


January 2017 – Honoring God
Early in the Morning will we arise and seek you daily. God receives the best of all we have to offer. “God we honor you with the 1st portion of what you have given to us.


February 2017 – Honoring Marriage
What a marvelous time Bridge Builders couples had celebrating marriages that range from 17 to 55 years on our intentional date’s. We look forward to many more memorable moments and fellowship. Blessings to each of you as you celebrate and honor one another each and every day of your lives. “Willingly, Wonderful W’s”; “Tuff, Triumphant T’s”; “Cool, Confident C’s”; Caring, Compassionate C’s”;…


Happy Valentines Day to every BBCC Partner. May you experience Gods love daily through the love of family and friends.


March 2017 – Honoring Family
As born again believers, we are all a part of the family of God. What a powerful display of Gods love extended to His children. God only has one family! Thank God for entry and access into His family.

March 2017 – CYAY – Collegiate, Young Adult, and Youth Spotlighting
BBCC CYAY are on the move for Christ. Each participant displayed their talents, skills and abilities and their love for Christ. 3 Individuals (Kaleb, Dariana, Khloe) were recognized in their Sports of participation and 1 honored as the CYAY of the Month (Kristy Clark). Congratulations! This is only your beginning. There is Greatness in each of you. Always keep first things first and watch as you surpass your own expectations.


April 2017 – Honoring the Resurrection
Oh how wonderful it is to know that God provided us with a resource of Power that never runs out. We have a direct line to receive this never ending supply of Gods abundant flow in our lives on a daily basis. We praise God because He is the Resurrection and Life and he abides within each of his Sons. Let’s tap into the never ending supply and be replenished daily. Now that you freely receive, go and freely give to others from the supernatural realm and allow others to experience Kingdom results.